Road Rage in Florida

Road rage in Florida is both widespread and dangerous. In 2021, there were 728 road rage incidents involving guns nationwide. 62% of these events caused injury or death. Some of these shocking Florida incidents make international news every year. For example, there was one crime in which a man pulled out a gun after another […]

Air Traffic Liability at Florida Airports

Air disasters are not usually the fault of only one individual. Often, many mistakes occur at once, turning a safe trip into a catastrophe. In those cases, many professionals in the airline industry can face liability if they fail to live up to professional standards. Negligence or willful misconduct of air traffic controllers can expose […]

Legally Assessing Dangerous Dog Breeds in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Health, hundreds of people fall victim to dog bites yearly. Some of them even die from their injuries. Children and infants are most at risk from dog bites and are least able to defend themselves. If a vicious dog injures you or a member of your family, you have […]

Florida Pedestrian Accident Statistics

As the United States reemerges from the pandemic and daily life continues with more normalcy, many societal issues are re-emerging. For example, pedestrian deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are rising after nearly four decades of decreasing rates. However, understanding the numbers and factors causing these pedestrian fatalities can help combat the issue. Florida pedestrian […]

Motorcycle Lane Splitting in Florida

Motorcyclists love Florida, and Ocala provides some excellent highway time for enthusiasts of all levels. With so much open, flat road, groups of five, ten, or even dozens of bikers become a common sight. With so much quality roadway available to enjoy, you probably feel tempted to hit the road. However, being unaware of Florida’s […]

Understanding Florida Dog Laws

Every state in America has some laws and regulations on animals, and Florida is no different. Florida dog laws are in place to ensure the safety of your pet and other dogs and the peaceful coexistence of animals and humans. Like others within the United States, these laws deal with issues like biting, vaccinations, and […]

Golf Cart Driving Safety Tips

For a few years now, people have been driving golf carts places other than just the golf course. They are a great form of transportation for first-time drivers, families, and retirees in Florida. Whether on a vacation resort or a retirement community, you’ll likely drive a golf cart at some point in Florida. Golf carts […]

How Do I Pay for a Personal Injury Case?

Some situations in life require the help of a lawyer. Divorce, personal injury, and bankruptcy all require legal services. You even need a lawyer to write a will or make legal documents for a business. Unfortunately, stereotypes from entertainment and disreputable lawyers make all attorneys look like they charge you a fortune upfront. Because of […]

Knocked Down by a Dog? An Ocala, Florida Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Dog bites commonly result in legal consequences for the dog owner. But did you know that dogs cause people injury often by knocking them down? If you were knocked over by an overly friendly, boisterous, out-of-control dog, and suffered broken bones, concussion, or other types of injury, you need legal advice, and potentially, a personal […]

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

There’s an inherent risk of an accident every time you drive a car, but operating a vehicle while feeling sleepy amplifies that risk considerably. While most people know about the hazards of driving while intoxicated or distracted, many drivers still don’t understand the dangers of drowsy driving, which is why it’s still a prominent cause […]