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The thrill of going to an amusement park is part of the attraction. However, when it comes to amusement park accidents, things can become a little scary. Negligence on the part of the park owners and workers cause a number of personal injuries and wrongful deaths every year. Olsen Law Firm wants to make sure that their clients understand that it is the job of an amusement park to make guest safety a top priority and they will be there for you in case you experience an injury at a theme park!

Everything You Need to Understand About Amusement Park Accidents

It is the job of amusement park workers to make sure that their grounds, rides, and attractions are safe for all of the people visiting. However, there are times when safety concerns are overlooked, and accidents happen. A personal injury lawyer can make sure that you receive everything you deserve.

There are times when a theme park can be held liable for the injuries that a guest gets because they were negligent some of those times include:

  • Ride mechanical failure: If a lap bar comes loose or there is another type of mechanical problem, then the park could be held responsible for no inspecting their equipment or maintaining it properly.
  • Failure to operate a ride correctly: If an employee fails to attach a lap bar correctly or does check to make sure every rider is buckled properly they can be found at fault for any enjoy that a rider suffers.
  • Fail to provide warnings or instructions: If a ride attendant doesn’t provide riders with the appropriate directions or warnings for the ride they are on, then the amusement park can be held responsible.

Many people ask what the most dangerous theme park ride is or who is most likely to suffer an injury. According to research and accident statistics, amusement park guests that are under twenty years old suffer more than fifty percent of ride injuries. Children ages ten to fourteen have the highest amount of reported injuries. A good number of these injuries come from riding a roller coaster or other high-speed rides. However, any ride can cause fatal or physical injuries if they are not properly cared for. Some common injuries include:

  • Brain and neck injuries, such as concussions or whiplash.
  • Injuries to the head, neck, or spinal cord on rides such as bumper cars.
  • Brain aneurysms from high-intensity rides, like a roller coaster.
  • Drowning on water rides.
  • Fatal injuries from falling out of or being thrown from a ride.

It is important to know your rights when you are trying to get compensation after an accident. Not only can this help get you what you deserve after you’ve been hurt, but it can also turn amusement parks into a safer place for all families to enjoy.

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