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Technology has helped to change the design of vehicles in recent years. Automakers have greatly increased their focus on making vehicles safer by adding more technology and features. 

With the addition of high-tech safety features on your vehicle, you may feel as if you are safer. Forbes explains that you are correct in this assumption as having certain safety features can help you to avoid accidents. 

Advanced safety systems

Advanced safety systems are the different features becoming standard on new vehicles. These include various tools that help reduce driver error, such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection and collision warnings. What this technology does is provide alerts and even operate the vehicle for you in certain situations where there is a risk for an accident. 

For example, automatic braking systems will detect a potential collision and apply the brake for you. If you are not paying attention or you simply did not recognize the risk, then this type of technology could save you from an accident situation. 

The statistics

Statistics show that advanced safety features can greatly reduce auto accident rates. Specifically, vehicle crash technology can lead to a 3.5% reduction in accidents. Studies say that the addition of blind-spot detection technology could prevent about 50,000 crashes. 

The issues

While these safety systems are helpful and can help keep you safer, they are not without errors. They can misread situations or malfunction and lead to you becoming a hazard on the roadway. For example, an automatic braking system that mistakenly engages could have you coming to a stop at an inappropriate time, increasing your risk for a rear-end collision.

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