The severing of internal organs near bones or the point of traumatic force is one of the most common injuries resulting in death. Organs can receive extreme damage, and internal bleeding can result from blunt force trauma. A concussion is usually the least severe injury sustained when the head collides with something. If a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, traumatic brain injuries are common. Broken bones can also lead to infection, and both complications can put the pedestrian’s life at risk in the right situation. If the condition becomes life-threatening, the doctor or another emergency worker may not be able to save the pedestrian.

  1. What is a Pedestrian Accident?

Several pedestrian accidents result in death due to trauma to the person, such as being struck by a vehicle or being struck by a large object that a car can hit. An individual who sustains an injury while out for a jog or riding a bicycle in the area will almost always need urgent medical attention to recover fully. Many of the injuries suffered are internal or can damage the organs due to broken bones or substantial blood loss. Because of the driver’s conduct or those near the crash, these physical injuries may result in the pedestrian’s death.

  1. Where Do Accidents Occur?

If pedestrians are not walking in front of moving cars or when the driver has the right of way, they are typically granted the right of way. So, for a wrongful death lawsuit to be accurate, the deceased must have suffered injury or death due to the negligent driver’s behavior. Generally, pedestrians are injured when they are stuck in a crosswalk, cross the street, or hit in a parking lot. If the driver is not careful, they can collide with or run over a pedestrian on the pathway or the shoulder.

  1. What is Wrongful Death Pedestrian Injury Compensation?

When a pedestrian is hurt by a car or in some other way, he or she is generally entitled to the same payout provided in most negligence situations. However, if the pedestrian dies, the lawsuit becomes a wrongful death suit rather than a personal injury suit. The compensation will then be transferred to the living family or the estate of the deceased. Compensation can range from medical care and recovery costs to survivors’ insurance, including accidental loss and the emotional distress of losing a loved one. Compensation can also provide financial assistance to the family to recover from the loss of income from the income earner’s death.

  1. What is a Wrongful Death Claim and How Does It Work?

Although certain personal injury situations will stay the same after the injured party passes away, some will adjust. This converts the ordinary lawsuit into a wrongful death claim, altering some aspects of the benefits available. Since the person usually does not have the funds to provide this, the surviving loved ones will file a claim against the insurance provider to recover better the damages owed in a pedestrian accident. And if the argument changes, the attorney does typically not. However, tactics and supporting evidence can vary slightly.

In most cases, a traffic accident or a driver’s impact on a pedestrian does not result in instant death. The injured party may need immediate medical attention and will be admitted to the hospital to recover. However, specific injuries can become too difficult to treat, or internal damage can cripple the organs and cause death. And there’s the wrongful death argument.

  1. What Role Does a Lawyer Play in the Death of a Pedestrian?

To increase the odds of recovery for the estate or living loved ones, the lawyer would need to show that the defendant was responsible for the pedestrian’s death. Sometimes, the attorney would negotiate with the insurance firm to resolve the case outside of court and present the client with the settlement sum.

Pedestrian incidents are usually the result of someone being distracted, which results in the initial injury, but many of these cases may quickly escalate and result in death. The surviving family must prove that the other party is to blame for the death and pay compensation to the surviving dependents in a wrongful death suit. During this overwhelming difficult time the expertise and compassion of Pam Olsen, Esq. will prove to be your greatest advocate. Give Pam Olsen a call at (352) 671-9777 for a free consultation.

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