Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian is injured in a car crash every eight minutes in the United States. Each year, several thousands of pedestrians get killed in pedestrian accidents. You may not realize it, but as a pedestrian, you are always at risk. Just by walking your dog, crossing the street, or jogging on the side of the road, you may be putting yourself at risk.

At Olsen Law Firm, P.A., Pam Olsen has a reputation for success in holding negligent drivers responsible in pedestrian accidents. She aggressively represents clients in all types of Florida auto accidents.

Drivers May Be Held Accountable For Injuries

If a driver doesn’t pay attention for just a second, they could possibly hit you and cause serious injury or death. Injuries suffered as a result of pedestrian accidents can often cause the loss of a normal life. In some cases, the pedestrian may face permanent disability that affects their career, parenting or caregiving abilities, and other important aspects of life.

Pam Olsen represents clients who have suffered injuries due to the negligent conduct of a driver. She also represents the families of pedestrians who have been killed in a road accident.

She works hard for these victims and their families to get compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages and to ease their pain and suffering. She will make sure that your insurance company will pay for any future medical treatment relating to your pedestrian injury.

Talk To Pam About Your Options

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, or if you have lost a loved one due to a pedestrian accident, discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer. Call Olsen Law Firm, P.A., today at (352) 671-9777 to arrange a consultation with Pam Olsen.


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