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The Dangers of Trucking Accidents in Florida and What You Can Do About It

Truck accidents are a pervasive issue on Florida’s roads with thousands of crashes reported annually. These collisions can be catastrophic resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities. This article will explore the dangers associated with trucking accidents within Ocala, Florida and provide insight into how you may protect yourself from them. Trucking Accidents in Florida […]

The Dangers of Trucking on Florida Highways: What You Need to Know

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Florida is renowned for its stunning beaches and bustling cities that attract millions of visitors annually. However the rise in commercial truck traffic has led to an increase in accidents on our highways – a cause for concern among residents and tourists alike. In this article we will examine some potential risks associated with driving […]

The Dangers of Trucking on Florida Highways: Stay Safe with These Proven Strategies

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Florida’s stunning highways are a sight to behold but they come with their own set of risks due to the presence of large trucks. According to statistics from FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) there were 415 fatalities resulting from commercial motor vehicle accidents in Florida alone during 2019 – an alarming increase compared to […]