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In your case, there could be several parties liable for damages, and a truck accident lawyer may identify certain parties as part of a litigation plan. A truck accident lawyer Ocala FL will review and study the case to decide the right course of action. Your attorneys will decide that suing multiple parties would maximize your payout.

When an 18-wheeler driver experiences a crash, certain people mistakenly presume that the 18-wheeler driver is solely responsible. It could be necessary to keep third parties liable for the crash under the statute. A truck business may be held vicariously responsible for the injury you’ve sustained. If a tractor-trailer company was incompetent in recruiting a trucker, it may be held accountable.

Truck Accident Lawyer with 30 Years of Experience?

While you are injured in a truck crash, you will find yourself in a state of shock. When you’re a truck driver, a pedestrian, or any driver who has been hit by a commercial truck, it is important that you consider your legal rights and the coverage options open to you. It’s also important to understand how complicated truck crash situations can be since a variety of parties can be responsible for damages.

Pam Olsen, truck accident lawyer Ocala FL, is here to assist you. Please do not wait to contact a vehicle crash lawyer whether you have been involved in a carrier pileup or other disaster. Pam Olsen, Esq. will examine the case in detail. Pam is an expert in semi-truck crash claims and has earned the confidence of our peers in the legal field as well as previous clients. To schedule an initial appointment, please call (352) 329-1777 today.

What Are The Damages And Insurance For Big Rig Accidents?

Accidents happen all the time on the roads of every state, and commercial vehicles are involved in a large number of them. When a truck collides with a motor car, the extra bulk has the unintended effect of making the accidents that happen more serious. If you were involved in a big-rig crash, you may know that you might be entitled to benefits.

Is it possible to sue for damages after a trucking accident?

Semi-truck collisions are often fatal, resulting in serious injuries that are difficult and expensive to treat. You will claim penalties on both real and intangible losses if the case goes to court. Typically, three forms of damages are paid to personal injury claimants. There are three types of damages:

  • Money,
  • Non-economic
  • Punitive

Do You Want The Services Of A Trucking Attorney?

If you’ve been in a car crash, you might be wondering if you need an attorney’s help. This is something that is dependent on a variety of variables, which you must be aware of. You would be able to handle the liability claim on your own if you have been in a minor crash with minor injury with minimal to no collateral loss. Because most personal injury attorneys practice on a contingency basis, this will also let you retain a significant part of the payout.

May I Send Insurance The Company A Claim After A Truck Crash?

Driving is a risky activity, but it is still much better now than it was in previous years. Fortunately, the vast majority of injuries are minor. Of addition, there are several collisions that result in serious injury and property loss. If you are involved in a car crash, you should be mindful of your rights to ensure that they are well secured by a knowledgeable truck accident attorney. Pam Olsen will examine all of the specifics of the injury and ensure that you get the monetary benefits you are entitled to as a result of the accident and the injuries you have suffered.

What Are The Causes of Truck Injuries and Carelessness?

Owing to their sheer scale and weight, trucks are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road for other drivers. The accidents and deaths sustained on other smaller cars and their passengers can be catastrophic if the truck driver makes a minor mistake.

In an event, the following parties can be found liable:

  • Drivers
  • Transportation services companies
  • Trucking equipment manufacturers
  • Trucking material suppliers
  • Freight shippers/loaders

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Ocala FL, know that you’re not alone. In Ocala, Marion County Florida, there is help available. Call Pam Olsen car accident lawyer Ocala FL at 352-329-1777 for a free, no-obligation consultation. A member of our staff will assist you in scheduling your complimentary appointment with Pam. We will assist you in determining whether a case is necessary and what actions to take next. Please contact our office right away at 352-329-1777.


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