Most people in Florida likely recognize that car accidents are just that: accidents. In most cases, there is no malicious intent on the part of the responsible parties. Even in cases where negligence may have played a role, many may attribute that to simple carelessness to which authorities associate only minor criminal activity.

While one who causes a car accident may feel reluctance to face those impacted by their actions, the expectation is that in the immediate aftermath of a collision, they stop to render aid (if needed) and cooperate with both accident victims and law enforcement officials. A failure to do so may significantly compound whatever consequences they could face.

Authorities seek individual involved in hit-and-run

Such issues now face a Bonifay man as authorities seek him out following a fatal collision in Washington County. Per, two vehicles traveling along State Road 77 collided head-on after the car traveling southbound crossed the center land and entered into oncoming traffic. The occupant of the northbound vehicle died in the collision. Authorities say the driver of the southbound vehicle fled the scene following the accident.

Civil action sought in conjunction with a criminal case

Drivers like the one officials seek in this particular case will often face criminal charges due to their actions. Some might think that those impacted by them must wait for the criminal cases the drivers face to play out before they can initiate their own action (in order to seek compensation for their accident expenses). However, that is not the case; a civil lawsuit can occur simultaneously alongside a criminal prosecution (with the result of either also potentially influencing the outcome of the other).

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