Sexual Discrimination/Sexual Harassment

You have the right to be treated fairly and equally while you are at work and when you are not you have the right to find an attorney, like Pam Olsen, and demand compensation.

The laws in Florida are there to protect your rights from sexual harassment and other mistreatments. Discrimination is a form of harassment and can be any kind of unwanted verbal or physical behavior regarding:

  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Sex
  • Skin color

You don’t have to be the target of the harassment but simply the person affected by the senseless behavior.

If you feel as if you’ve been a victim of discrimination or harassment contact Olsen Law Firm, P.A., today at (352) 671-9777 to schedule a consultation with a leading Ocala harassment/discrimination attorney to pursue compensation.