Wage/Hour Violations

Studies show that upwards of 3 million people in the United States are not getting paid minimum wage. The federal and state governments both set a minimum for what must be paid to employees and each employee is protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you feel you are not getting the state minimum you are entitled to compensation. Some employers take advantage of their employees by making them perform tasks without compensation. Some typical examples of this can include:
  • Making an employee run an errand on their way home from work
  • Asking employees to put on uniforms before clocking in
  • Deducting breaks from timecards
  • Having employees do work at home to meet a crucial deadline
If you feel as if your previous or current employer has taken advantage of you then please contact an assertive Ocala wage/hour violation attorney today at (352) 671-9777 to schedule a free consultation. Pam Olsen is an advocate for the rights of her clients. She will fight to ensure that you receive compensation for all your lost wages.