Boat/Watercraft Accidents

Florida is a great place for boating. There is no better way to enjoy a nice day than out at sea. With endless coastline, Florida attracts countless sailing and boating enthusiasts.

A day at sea is expected to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. However, these fun water activities do not always go as planned. An accident can happen at any time, even when all of the proper safety precautions have been taken. An accident could be caused by the negligence of others. Not all other boaters may be paying as close attention as you. Another boat could be manned by an inexperienced operator. Another boater may have a boat that is not up to code. Flooding, fire, waterski or propeller injuries, Jet Ski mishaps, and explosions or anything other in a wide range of accidents may occur. Unfortunately, even alcohol could play a role in boating accidents. Any erratic behavior like this can result in other calamities like falling overboard and collisions.

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