Dog Bite Injury

If a dog in the state of Florida has bitten you, speaking with an experienced dog bite lawyer is imperative. In Florida, a dog owner is directly responsible for any injuries caused by their dog.

With the help of an Ocala area dog bite lawyer, a dog owner can be held liable for all medical bills, all lost wages, damages stemming from pain, scarring and mental suffering, and property destruction.

If you have been injured from a dog bite contact Pam Olsen, an Ocala dog bite lawyer, for a free legal consultation. Learn how she can help you.

The costs of treating a dog bite, including plastic surgery and rehabilitation, can be excessive. Dog bite injuries can include permanent scarring, nerve damage and a substantial risk of infection. Often times, the dog bite victim is an innocent child. Children are especially prone to bites to the facial area and head because of their small stature. The scars they receive from a dog bite could last forever, and result in lasting long-term psychotically problems.

Pam Olsen, an Ocala area dog bite lawyer, has extensive experience in representing the dog bite victims in Central Florida and Marion County, and offers free legal consultations.

She helps clients to receive fair and full compensation for lost wages or income, costs of rehab, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Pam Olsen is a dog bite lawyer that can handle any type of dog bite or animal attack case, including:

  • Dog bite injury on private property
  • Attacks by escaped animals, including injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Dog bite lawsuits involving injuries suffered in public parks or areas
  • Animal attacks stemming from insufficient fencing/restraints, including leash law violations

If you have suffered a dog bite injury, contact an experienced Ocala dog bite lawyer. Pam Olsen is an advocate for the rights of her clients and provides free legal consultations.

She will fight her hardest to ensure that you receive compensation for your dog bite injuries.

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