Slip-And-Fall Accidents

When a visitor or a tenant living on another person’s property is injured from a slip-and-fall accident on the property, the owner of that property may be liable. An Ocala personal injury lawyer for slip-and-fall accidents can help to prove that the property owner’s recklessness or negligence led to your slip-and-fall injury.

A slip-and-fall lawsuit is a way to recover the costs that this injury as inflicted upon you. Pam Olsen is an Ocala personal injury lawyer highly experienced in slip-and-fall accidents, and she can help you with your lawsuit in Florida.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that his or her premise is safe and secure for anyone occupying the space. Unfortunately, it is common for these people to take shortcuts that can lead to an injury. When the walking surface is slippery, there is an uneven floor, there is a broken stairwell, or the area is poorly lit, a slip-and-fall accident is much more likely to occur.

These safety hazards are the responsibility of the premise owner to maintain. When one of these or any other hazard leads to an injury, get in touch with an Ocala personal injury lawyer, who is experienced in slip-and-fall accident cases.

When you are have suffered slip-and-fall injuries, you have to deal with costs and stress in addition to your injuries. Insurance companies, employers and medical providers bring confusion and anxiety to slip-and-fall victims.

A victim in a slip-and-fall injury often has to handle both monetary and nonmonetary costs due to their accident, including medical bills, lost earnings, disfigurement, emotional distress, pain suffering, and any permanent physical disability suffered.

Pam Olsen is an Ocala area personal injury lawyer who can protect your legal rights. She will determine the best course of action to seek monetary compensation for your injuries by investigating the details of your slip-and-fall accident.

She will fight aggressively to ensure that your slip-and-fall case in Ocala, Florida, is brought to justice.

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