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What are Some Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

When your elderly loved one goes into a nursing home, the last problem you want to worry about is whether or not abuse is occurring. Being able to notice the signs of a neglected or abused adult can help you and your loved one. Lack of personal hygiene According to Psychology Today, unwashed hair or […]

Know How To Handle Potential Nursing Home Neglect

When people place elderly family members in a nursing home, they expect these loved ones to receive excellent care. Sometimes, though, people may suspect that their loved one is experiencing neglect. There are a few steps people should take in a situation of possible elder abuse. Pay a visit to the facility According to the […]

What Every Patient Should Know About Surgical Errors

If you have an upcoming surgery scheduled, you more than likely have some worries about how your procedure will go. You don’t want any surgical complications and you hope to heal quickly and fully. Yet, you know that doesn’t always happen. You even may be concerned about if your surgeon makes a mistake. You know […]

Prescription Drug Error Lawsuits

There are many stages of medical care in which medication errors can occur, including writing the wrong prescription or being given the wrong medication when the prescription is right. They can also happen in many different situations, such as in your doctor’s office, urgent care facility, ER, hospital, or pharmacy. Prescription errors are also able […]