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When your elderly loved one goes into a nursing home, the last problem you want to worry about is whether or not abuse is occurring. Being able to notice the signs of a neglected or abused adult can help you and your loved one.

Lack of personal hygiene

According to Psychology Today, unwashed hair or a generally unkempt appearance can signal that the staff is not properly taking care of an older person. You may also see dirty marks on his or her clothing, or you may notice missing eyeglasses, hearing aids or other items.

These small details can show a lack of attention from the staff. Living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions can be mentally and physically taxing for the elderly.

Sparse basic necessities

Every resident of a nursing home should have proper food, water and a warm room. If you notice any of these necessities are absent, then it may be indicative of a more troubling issue.

Abuse can happen when staff members yell or berate your loved one if he or she speaks out. This can lead to a withdrawn, unhappy nursing home resident who struggles to advocate for himself or herself.

No explanation for injuries

It is normal for older people to have some odd bruises or marks, but if you ask your loved one where they came from and he or she fails to answer directly, it could be a sign of abuse. Bedsores also often happen when a bed-bound resident is not taken care of properly.

Abused nursing home residents can struggle with depression, so talking directly to your loved one and being honest about your fears can help you both.

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