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Car accidents can be devastating experiences that leave victims with physical injuries and financial burdens. If you or someone close to you has been injured in an auto accident caused by another drivers negligence seeking legal representation is crucial for obtaining justice. At Pam Olsen Law, we are committed to helping those affected by these traumatic events receive the compensation they deserve. Our team of experienced lawyers will work tirelessly on your behalf so that no stone goes unturned during this difficult time. Don’t hesitate – contact us today!

Car Accident Attorney Florida – What You Need To Know

Our team of skilled attorneys at Pam Olsen Law has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal injury law and insurance claims. We have successfully represented clients throughout Florida who were involved in various types of motor vehicle collisions such as rear end crashes, T bone accidents or head on collisions among others. Our firm offers free consultations without any obligation whatsoever towards our clients while working on contingency fees which means that they only pay if we win their case! Don’t hesitate to reach out for help today by contacting us directly via phone or email.

Car Accidents in Florida – Common Causes and Legal Advice

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Florida due to various reasons such as distracted driving, speeding violations, drunk driving incidences or aggressive behavior on the road. Furthermore weather conditions like heavy rain showers or foggy days can also contribute significantly towards these unfortunate events. It is crucial that after being involved in an accident one should contact their attorney immediately because evidence may disappear quickly while witnesses forget important details over time; furthermore there exist strict deadlines for filing claims with insurance companies. An experienced lawyer will investigate thoroughly by gathering all necessary information through interviews and negotiating effectively with insurers until you receive fair compensation for your injuries suffered during this traumatic experience.

Why You Should Hire a Local Car Accident Attorney in Florida

Choosing an attorney who specializes in handling car accident cases within your local area is crucial when seeking legal representation. This decision ensures that you receive accurate advice on the specific laws governing personal injury claims as each state has its own set of rules and procedures. A knowledgeable lawyer with established relationships among judges, opposing counsel, and other key players in the community can facilitate a favorable outcome for your case by leveraging their expertise effectively. Therefore selecting someone familiar with local law is essential if you want to maximize chances of success while minimizing risks involved during litigation proceedings after experiencing a vehicle collision incident.

Our Clients’ Successful Verdicts and Settlements

Pam Olsen Law is committed to delivering exceptional legal services that exceed client expectations. Our track record speaks for itself with several successful verdicts and settlements under our belt:

A client was awarded a $500,000 settlement after being hit by an intoxicated driver while riding his bicycle. The accident resulted in multiple fractures and necessitated surgery for the victim.

A family received a $3 million jury award after their loved one was killed in a head on collision caused by an individual who was distracted while driving. This tragic event highlights the dangers of using electronic devices behind the wheel and serves as a reminder for all drivers to stay focused on the road ahead.

A client received a settlement worth $750,000 after sustaining neck and back injuries in an accident caused by a texting driver. The incident occurred when the drivers vehicle rear ended theirs while they were driving on the highway. Despite efforts made to avoid collisions with other vehicles on the roadway this unfortunate event highlights how dangerous distracted driving can be for everyone involved. It is crucial that we all take responsibility for our actions behind the wheel so as not endanger ourselves or others around us.

Pam Olsen went above and beyond to safeguard her clients’ rights while securing maximum compensation for their losses. Her tireless efforts resulted in successful outcomes across all cases.


Pam Olsen Law understands how devastating it can be when someone else’s negligence causes harm to you or a loved one in an automobile accident. Our compassionate staff is always available 24/7 for consultation and will answer any questions that arise during this difficult time.

If you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident, now is the right time to seek help. Contact Pam Olsen today at (352) 671-9777. Or if you prefer, Schedule a Consultation with Pam Olsen, Esq.

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