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As the United States reemerges from the pandemic and daily life continues with more normalcy, many societal issues are re-emerging. For example, pedestrian deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are rising after nearly four decades of decreasing rates. However, understanding the numbers and factors causing these pedestrian fatalities can help combat the issue.

Florida pedestrian accident statistics illustrate that these problems are particularly pertinent in this part of the United States. While you might worry about gators populating communities in Ocala, FL, fatal accidents are far more prominent and frightening than a gator attack (unless you’re at the FSU vs. UF game).

Knowing national and state-level statistics about fatal pedestrian accidents will help you file a more successful accident compensation claim with pedestrian accident lawyer Pamela Olsen, Esq.

National Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Understanding national pedestrian accident statistics best contextualizes Florida’s struggle to combat the prevalence of fatal pedestrian automobile accidents.


The numbers demonstrate how much more serious this issue is in the United States than you might believe. For instance, out of the 41,259 people killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2018, 4,699 were pedestrian walkers. Simply put, about 11.4% of all motor vehicle accident deaths were pedestrians.

While the number of vehicle crash-related deaths changes regularly every year, the number of pedestrian deaths typically remains steady. In 2004, 4,675 out of the 42,836 motor vehicle crash-related deaths were pedestrians, and, in 2013, that number held steady at 4,735, although the total fatalities declined to 32,719. Consistent numbers of pedestrian deaths demonstrate the prevalence and consistency of this issue.


Simply understanding the numbers is not enough to fully comprehend the issue; the demographics are also crucial.

In 2013, people killed in vehicle-related deaths had an average age of 36. However, the pedestrians killed in these accidents averaged 46 years old. In addition, men comprised more than two-thirds of pedestrians killed.

Unfortunately, these deaths affect more than middle-aged adults, as children under fifteen made up 20% of pedestrian fatalities in 2013. 9% of those children were between ten and 14 years old. These accidents also impacted elderly pedestrians, with 10% of these deaths involving Americans over 65.

Contributing Factors

Aside from reckless driving and poor roadway infrastructure, it’s not surprising to learn that the main contributing factor to pedestrian deaths is alcohol. Unfortunately, for 49% of pedestrian fatalities in 2013, alcohol was the main culprit.

Florida-Specific Statistics

With a general understanding of the national statistics, it’s easier to understand the gravity of Florida pedestrian accident statistics. Florida presents some of the least promising data for tackling this significant issue.


Over the past decade, Florida consistently ranked among the top states for pedestrian fatalities in motor vehicle-related accidents. The sunshine state had the third highest pedestrian death rate for motor vehicle accidents in 2012, with fatalities as high as 3.23 per 100,000 people in Jacksonville.

Since 2012, the state’s pedestrian safety has not improved. In 2013 alone, Florida’s 476 pedestrian deaths comprised over 20% of the national total. Additionally, while Florida, California, and Texas only contain about 27% of the national population, these states contribute to 37% of all pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents.

While these numbers took a slight dip during the pandemic, 2021 saw Florida drivers returning to their old habits.

In only the first half of 2021, Florida ranked second for all pedestrian deaths in the United States. With over 450 in just the first half of that year, these record-breaking numbers surpassed the total for other years. Overall, there was a 31% increase in pedestrian fatalities from January through June 2021.

Contributing Factors

Many people might wonder how a state like Florida can have more pedestrian fatalities than states with some of the country’s biggest cities like New York and Chicago. The design of roadway systems in Florida is one of the most significant contributing factors to Florida pedestrian accident statistics.

The state features one of the most extensive highway systems in the country. Many entrances and exits to Florida freeways are some of the most dangerous in the country. Take extra caution if you need to navigate these areas on foot.

Of course, some other contributing factors are no different from many other areas. For example, drunk driving, pedestrian negligence, increasing homeless populations, poorly designed intersections, and reckless driving are also primary contributors.

As a driver, your choices matter. Be responsible and remember that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous or even worse than drunk driving.

What Can You Do?

Examining Florida pedestrian accident statistics can be frustrating as it often feels like there isn’t much we can do to resolve such a serious issue. However, there are many ways you can make a difference and help improve pedestrian safety in Florida.


Remaining an active member of your community and committing to advocacy for safer roads, driving, and behaviors is one of the best ways to combat this issue. Join community groups and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to take care when driving, avoid using their phones on the road, and pay close attention to pedestrians.


Increasing self-awareness, avoiding getting behind the wheel at inappropriate times, and adhering to speed limits helps protect yourself and others. If you’ve been drinking or are feeling more tired than usual, do not drive. While driving can sometimes feel second nature, it’s an activity that puts yourself and others at risk- treat yourself and your vehicle with respect.

File an Accident Settlement Claim

If pedestrian deaths or motor vehicle accidents impact you and your family, file an accident settlement claim immediately. Accident settlements could potentially aid expensive medical bills and fallout from accidents.

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