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In the aftermath of a Florida car accident, accident victims may feel a variety of emotions, including shock, grief, anger, guilt, fear, and sadness. In many cases, these feelings lead to long-lasting psychological trauma, as accident victims may start to experience anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to

When a car accident first occurs, physical injuries are generally considered a priority and victims tend to receive medical care within hours or days of the accident. Mental health issues often take a back seat because you may not be able to see them, but they can be just as devastating as a physical injury. By filing a lawsuit, car accident victims can recover damages for both their physical injuries and psychological trauma, as well as damages for their physical and mental pain and suffering.

Signs of Emotional Trauma and Treatment

Many people suffering from psychological injury following a car accident will experience:

Much like a physical injury, psychological trauma requires car accident victims to seek medical attention to recover mentally after an accident. Accident victims should discuss their symptoms with a health professional, who may recommend counseling, psychotherapy, and/or prescription medication to treat these psychological symptoms.

Recovering Damages for Emotional and Mental Injuries

It is often easier to recover damages for a physical injury than a mental injury because they are visible and are easier to prove. However, many accident victims recover significant damages for emotional and psychological issues. A personal injury attorney with a background in mental health can be extremely helpful when it comes to collecting and presenting evidence of post-accident mental trauma to a judge and jury. Generally, strong evidence would include testimony from mental health experts, records of treatment you have received, and your own records of how you have been feeling since the accident can help establish that the accident has caused you mental harm.

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