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Motorcycle accidents often have severe repercussions, especially for motorcyclists. You may face expensive medical bills and vehicle repair costs after a collision. However, if someone else caused the crash, they may legally have to cover your losses.

Review the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents and liability for these collisions with our team at Pamela Olsen Law. Allow us to answer your questions and even build a personal injury claim after your accident. Call 352-671-9777 to find out more about how we can help.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

The influence of alcohol plays a role in a large percentage of motorcycle accidents around the country. In many cases, motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents have alcohol in their systems, discovered after the collision.

However, other drivers also cause accidents after they drink alcohol or use drugs, increasing the odds of losing control of their vehicle. Alcohol impacts numerous parts of the mind, making accidents more likely. Consuming even a single serving of alcohol impairs a driver’s:

Impaired drivers are far more likely than sober drivers to end up in a motorcycle accident.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between other vehicles, often on the centerline of the road. Many motorcyclists feel that they can safely engage in this practice because they have smaller cars. However, lane splitting is incredibly dangerous and often leads to accidents. Additionally, Florida considers the practice illegal.

Note that lane splitting is not the same as sharing a lane. Motorcyclists in Ocala can legally share the lane with another motorcycle.

Speeding and Other Reckless Behaviors

Over 63,000 people live in Ocala, enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Many residents enjoy driving their motorcycles, especially during hot Florida summers. Unfortunately, the freedom of a motorcycle ride may encourage operators to exceed the speed limit or perform other dangerous activities such as:

For example, some motorcyclists try to “pop a wheelie” by lifting the front wheel of their vehicle. Unfortunately, these behaviors frequently lead to accidents with car drivers.

Parked Vehicles Opening a Door

Parked vehicles can represent a significant threat to motorcyclists operating their vehicles while in town. Car drivers sometimes open their doors without checking for oncoming traffic. Motorcyclists may sustain severe injuries if they run into the open door of a passenger car. The impact may even throw a motorcyclist off of their vehicle in some cases, likely leading to injuries, vehicle damage, and more.

Dangerous Conditions on the Road

When reviewing the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents, it’s essential to realize that not all threats come from vehicle operators. Sometimes, the condition of the road itself poses a substantial hazard to motorcycle operators.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Ocala can step in to help if you experienced an accident caused by:

Sometimes, accidents occur because the city fails to properly mark intersections or provide proper signage to instruct drivers. In these situations, the city of Ocala may bear some responsibility for your motorcycle accident.

Defects in the Motorcycle

Manufacturers produce and sell motorcycles. These companies have a responsibility to make safe vehicles that operate as intended. Unfortunately, some manufacturers end up selling vehicles that have significant defects.

For example, a manufacturer could use a part in the motorcycle’s braking system that prevents it from stopping reliably. This negligence could easily lead to a motorcyclist losing control of their vehicle, resulting in a crash.

You may want to work with a personal injury lawyer in Ocala in this situation. Lawyers have experience building claims to seek compensation directly from large manufacturing companies on your behalf.

Rider Inexperience

Operating a motorcycle safely does not represent a natural skill for many people. Instead, riders rev up their engines and gain the skills they need to drive safely through practice and training.

Over a quarter of fatal accidents involve drivers who do not have their license, demonstrating the negative impact of operating a motorcycle without training. Drivers who complete training programs earn their license and apply what they learn to have an easier time avoiding accidents.


Our world includes so many possible distractions, from cellular phones to worries about work to the beautiful scenery around us in Ocala. Drivers who become distracted end up taking their minds off of the road, often resulting in an accident.

Distraction remains a primary cause for all motor vehicle accidents in Florida, not just for individuals who operate motorcycles.

Drivers Making Left Turns

Sometimes, something as simple as another driver wanting to turn left leads to a motorcycle accident in Ocala. Drivers often misjudge the available distance between vehicles when they’re assessing the position of a motorcycle before making a turn.

Mistakes involving the right of way regulations also lead to left turn accidents in our area. Some car drivers turn directly into motorcyclists, either because they simply expect the motorcyclist to stop or because they missed the motorcycle when they looked before turning.

Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather can increase the odds of a motorcycle accident. Rainstorms, for example, often endanger drivers by:

Even warm weather can decrease the amount of traction for motorcyclists, and the weather is often warm in Ocala. These factors may not directly cause an accident, but they increase the odds of a collision by making the roads more dangerous.

Allow Us to Help You Regardless of the Cause of Your Motorcycle Accident

Exploring the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents can help you feel more confident about what happened in your case. Our team at Pamela Olsen Law will provide you with professional assistance handling motorcycle accident claims.

We take steps to help you secure compensation after your collision. Find out more by calling us at 352-671-9777 to discuss your legal options. Or if you prefer, you can complete this simple contact form and Pam Olsen Esq. will be in touch right away.

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