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What you read above is true! At least when it comes to driving. Recently, the city of Ocala has been named one of the worst cities to drive in the state of Florida. Why is that? What earned this Central Florida town this title? The experts at Pam Olsen are here to explain!

24/7 Wall Street Says So

Ever heard of the financial news website 24/7 Wall St.? According to them, Ocala is the worst city to drive in. They came to this conclusion based on recent results form the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the American Community Survey, the National Insurance Crime Bureau Hot Spots Report, and the Council for Community and Economic Research’s cost of living index for metropolitan statistical areas.

The Facts Are True

The following statistics were reported when it came to Ocala. They are as follows:

The results are mind-blowing, however, Ocala is not alone. Other cities that made the top spots in their states include Florence-Muscle Shoals in Alabama, Macon in Georgia, and Florence in South Carolina.

The designation of worst Florida city to drive in is based on four different metrics. Traffic fatalities per 100,000 people, average commute time, how many commuters drive to work, and car thefts per 100,000 people. But naming Ocala as the worst of them all to some just does not sound right. Maybe this is not fair to say, but it is enough to open our eyes and keep us more aware of what is going on when you are behind the wheel.

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